Wooden floor: the choice that does not disappoint

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The choice of making a wooden floor in a home is one of those decisions that never disappoints: wooden floors match perfectly with any space and home, from traditional to more modern, giving a touch of class and refined design to all environments.

The wooden floors create environments that give emotions thanks to the naturalness and vitality of the wood that makes every interior comfortable, warm and elegant laminate floor in Lexington Park, MD.

The wooden floors live in symbiosis with the environment that hosts them, they tell the story of those who live there: each sign is linked to a particular moment that will remain etched in the memory of those who live there.

The naturalness and vitality of wood is well represented by its modeling and acquiring character over time: in fact, some wood essences change their color due to oxidation with the exposure of light and the passing of the years.

Why choose an indoor wooden floor?

Let’s now see together the various advantages of the parquet floor :

Renewable natural resource : therefore it is easily available on the market.

Extreme customization : each wood essence has its own peculiarities that we will see later, which respond to the various furnishing needs, it is also possible to choose the shapes and sizes of the tables and lay them at will. Even the floor finishes can be adapted to the type of environment and personal taste.

Eco-sustainable material: with a low environmental impact in its construction a minimum waste because the unused part of the trunk for the floor is used for heating or pellets and to generate new energy from biomass or as sawdust.

As for chemical treatments , European regulations have imposed increasingly lower levels for volatile organic compounds (VOC), which are dangerous to health and alternatively there are non-toxic paints such as water-based and natural impregnating agents based on perfumed oils and resins. and without harmful effects.

Sound-absorbing material : the fibers of the wood muffle the sounds coming from the outside and contain the noises due to footsteps by muffling them.

Improves thermal efficiency with cost savings for space heating and air conditioning. In addition, wooden floors regulate the humidity of the air avoiding the accumulation of electrostatic charges.

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