May 18, 2023 Entertainment

Are Limo Services The Best Option For Corporate Travel And Events?

In today’s fast-paced business world, corporate travel and events have become an essential part of maintaining a professional image and fostering relationships with clients and partners. With so many transportation options available, it can be challenging to determine which one is the best fit for your company’s needs. In this article, we will explore whether limo services are the best option for corporate travel and events by discussing their advantages and potential drawbacks.

Advantages of Limo Services For Corporate Travel And Events

Limo services offer several benefits that make them an attractive choice for businesses looking to impress clients or provide a comfortable experience for employees during corporate events. Some of these advantages include:

  1. Professionalism: Hiring a limo service ensures that you are working with experienced professionals who understand the importance of punctuality, discretion, and providing top-notch customer service. This level of professionalism can leave a lasting impression on clients or partners attending your event.
  2. Convenience: Limo services typically offer door-to-door transportation, making it easy for your guests to arrive at their destination without having to worry about navigating unfamiliar cities or finding parking.
  3. Comfort: Limousines are designed with luxury in mind, offering spacious interiors, comfortable seating, and amenities such as climate control and entertainment systems. This level of comfort can help put your guests at ease during their journey.
  4. Customization: Many limo services offer customizable packages that allow you to tailor the experience to your specific needs. For example, you might choose a particular vehicle type or request additional amenities such as refreshments or Wi-Fi access.
  5. Safety: Professional limo drivers are trained in defensive driving techniques and must adhere to strict safety standards set by the industry. This ensures that your guests will be in good hands throughout their journey.

One such reliable limo service provider is, which offers a wide range of vehicles and customizable options to cater to your corporate travel and event needs.

Potential Drawbacks of Limo Services

While limo services offer many advantages, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider:

  1. Cost: Limo services can be more expensive than other transportation options, especially if you require a large fleet of vehicles or need transportation for an extended period.
  2. Availability: Depending on the size of the limo service provider and the demand for their services, you may need to book well in advance to secure your desired vehicle and time slot.
  3. Perception: While many people view limo services as a symbol of luxury and professionalism, others may see them as ostentatious or unnecessary. It’s essential to consider your audience when deciding whether a limo service is the right choice for your event.

In conclusion, limo services can be an excellent option for corporate travel and events due to their professionalism, convenience, comfort, customization options, and safety features. However, it’s essential to weigh these benefits against potential drawbacks such as cost, availability, and perception when making your decision. By carefully considering your specific needs and audience, you can determine whether hiring a limo service is the best choice for your next corporate event or business trip.

Oct 30, 2022 Entertainment

How Do I Activate Aha Movies Anywhere on My Tv-Connected Device

Aha is one of the best Telugu and Tamil movie streaming platforms where you can find almost all the South movies, including the latest ones. You can watch a Telugu movie of your choice with your friends and family from a TV-connected device or your phone. But you must know how to activate the Aha movie on your device.

Activating Aha Movies Anywhere on Your Tv-Connected Device

If you want to enjoy movies from the Aha Movies Anywhere library on your streaming device or Smart TV, you must download the Aha application on any of the supporte devices and login into your account.

Before you begin watching any Aha movie to spend your time, you must know the devices that are supported by OTT websites. The supported TV-connected devices are as follows:

  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Android TV
  • LG TV
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • VIZIO SmartCast TV
  • Xbox One, Xbox X|S

What is the process to install Aha?

The process to install Aha on different devices are as follows:

  • Android
  1. You need to open Google Play Store on your Android phone
  2. You must search for Aha
  3. Click ‘install’ to begin the download
  • IOS
  1. Open the Apple App store from your IOS device
  2. Search for Aha
  3. Click to install the program
  • Android TV

You need to download the television app for the Android TV operating system by searching for Aha in the play store on the TV.

  • Apple TV

You can download the television application for Apple TV by searching Aha in the App store on Apple TV.

  • Samsung TV

You can download the Aha application from the Samsung TV store.

How Do You Activate Aha on Tv?

You can follow the steps below to activate Aha on tv:

  • IOS/Android
  1. Open the Aha app
  2. Click on the menu at the bottom right corner
  3. Click on ‘Link a Device’
  4. You can either scan the QR code via the app or enter the code on the mobile app shown on TV
  • Web Browser/Mobile browser
  1. Go to Aha’s OTT website
  2. Click on the profile in the top right corner
  3. Click on ‘Link a Device’
  4. Scan the QR code via the app or enter the code on the mobile app that is shown on TV.

Stream the Best Movies on Aha

You can read the above guide to activate Aha on your device before you look to watch a Telugu movie. After activating Aha on your device, you can watch the best Tollywood movies anywhere and anytime.

Apr 30, 2021 Entertainment

Watch This Gangster Movie For Free On AHA

For a lot of people, a movie is incomplete without a plot of the gangsters. Because with this plot-line, the movie can become very interesting and full of action. The South Indian film industry has excelled in making films that contain gangsters and underground men. These films are mostly action-based, and they are entertainment films that are oriented for simple-minded audiences. These films often contain action, comedy, romance, peppy music and some incredible dance moves. So if you want to watch Telugu movies free with some Gangster based entertainment plot with your family members, you should watch Jakkanna.

The film Jakkanna is a Telugu action feel-good film that is written and directed by Vamsi Krishna Akella. Sudarshan Reddy produced the film, and Dinesh gave the music. The film was released on 29th July 2016, and it was also dubbed into Hindi because it became very popular with the audiences. It was highly acclaimed as it was oriented for the family and contained a very different plot.

The actors featured in the film were Sunil as Ganesh aka Jakkanna, Mannara Chopra as Sahasra and KabirDuhan Singh as Bairagi in the leading roles. Many other supporting actors like Saptagiri as Kung Fu master, Prithviraj as KatakatalaKattappa, Posani Krishna Murali, Raja Ravindra, Viva Harsha, Ashish Vidyarthi, Nagineedu, PrabhasSreenu, Sathya, Prithvi, SatyadevKancharana, Rajashree and many more. You should watch Telugu movies online like Jakkanna if you are a fan of any of the stars mentioned above.

This film is quite different from other gangster films because the hero is not trying to subdue the Gangster for personal goals. Rather, he is trying to help the Gangster because he had received kindness from this notorious Gangster in the past. This film is the journey of Jakkanna, who wants to repay the kindness of this Gangster who, although he does dirty deeds, is a kind soul at heart. Jakkanna had taken an oath when he became mature that all the people who had helped him and showed him kindness in the past when he was downtrodden, he would repay them with similar kindness. Jakkanna gains the love of a girl Sahasra and finds himself a very happy man. However, he comes across Bairagi, who has become a notorious gangster. Jakkanna takes an oath to get Bairagi out of his mess because he knows that this person is kind internally.

He tries many means to reform Bairagi, but none of his plans become completely fruitful. However, it is fruitful enough to ruin Bairagi’s reputation as a notorious gangster. This makes Bairagi quite mad because he does not want to lose his position that he has earned through many struggles and by committing various crimes. Unable to cope with Jakkanna’sendeavours to reform him, Bairagi tries to subdue Jakkanna. The rest of the story is about how Jakkanna can bring the ruthless Gangster into the right path.

This film is streaming on the best Telugu OTT platform aha. So if you want to watch this film, download the app today!

Dec 16, 2020 Entertainment

Watch movies and play poker

Movies are the best source of entertainment. For several generations, movies are being watched by people whenever they feel bored or get time. Back in those days, people used to travel to the nearby cinema hall to watch the recently released movies with their friends and family. This has been altered as now we can watch movies sitting at our home itself. Many technologically advanced options are made available due to which there is a huge hope for improvements. Though people are still able to visit the theatres, it is amazing to watch at home with family. This is done through websites. Several sites stream the movies and they apply for copyright and other legal certificates so that they do not get into any legal issues in the future.

It is important for the sites to take proper permission before they upload any videos. Nonton film online is one such site where most of the Indonesian movies are provided. All the movies have subtitles and are offered in high quality.

The main advantage of watching movies on the site is that there are many other options given. Not only movies, but there are also various kinds of TV-series made available. The people can search for their favorite movies or can filter the search according to the genre and year of release. The Nonton film online gives a unique opportunity to the people who watch movies. They will be given the most trusted poker gaming link which can be used to play the poker games.

The movies based on Action, Thriller, Horror, Drama, Comedy, Mystery are uploaded by the site. The speed of the movie will be based on the network connectivity of the people. Thus it is important for them to have a strong connection. Several Indonesian movies are released every year and all those movies are uploaded instantly. The movie buffs will be waiting to watch and the people can just connect to their television to watch directly from that. To know more about poker games and movies, visit their website and get a look at the most unique services provided that align with the current needs of the people.

Jul 18, 2020 Entertainment

Watch Savaari Movie Online For These Reasons

Theatres are closed all over India during COVID 19 lockdown. So, there should have some entertainment to stay at home.  In these circumstances, people choosing an online movie watch on aha OTT platform.

Some of the movies give a wonderful feel with a variety of storylines and some extraordinary scenes. However, the result of fate is different than the actual movie contains. In the same way, Savaari movie recorded normal at the box office, but the movie contains some watchable good stuff.

Cast & Crew:

Starring:Nandu, Priyanka Sharma, Srikanthganta, Shiva Kumar, Madhi

Story, Screenplay, Dialogues & Direction:SahithMotkuri

Music: Shekar Chandra

Cinematography: MonishBhupathi

Editing:Santhosh Menon

Producers:Santhosh Motkuri, Nishank Reddy Kuditi


The main asset for the movie Savaari is DirectorSahithMotkuri, who got the SAIMA Award in the category of Short Film in the year 2018.  Savaari movie is the debut for him as a full-length movie Director.  Upcoming hero Nandu played the lead role with Priyanka Sharma as the female lead in the movie.


The main story plot is Raju (Nandu), a slum area guy, who lives with his horse named Badhsha renting in marriages. One day Bhagi (Priyanka Sharma) unexpectedly came into the life of Raju. Bhagi escaped from her marriage and sheltered with Raju and without telling about this secret to Raju.

Her Ex-Boyfriend found Bhagi’s shelter with Raju, and he felt ashamed about how his lover stayed with a low-class guy like Raju. Then he hired a villain to kill Raju immediately, but the villain mistakenly kidnapped the bride and horse Badhsha as he felt that the bride was Raju and his Horse. Finally, Raju gets his Badhsha from the villain. After some time, he observes the illness of Badsha (Horse), then diagnosed and finds his horse affected with a heart problem.  Raju aimed to recover his Badhsha from a heart problem, but it costs about six lakhs for its surgery. Then Raju plans to earn money to recover his Badhsha. These situations make Bhagi fall in love with Raju. After that, Bhagi also supported to save Badhsha and gave a plan to Raju to make surgery to Badhsha.  What’s the idea?  How does Raju earn six lakhs?  Where will Raju and Bhagi’s love story go?  How will the Bhagi’s Ex-Lover take revenge on Raju and Bhagi?  These are the rest of the movie.

Reasons to Watch Savaai movie:

The first and best reason is to watch the movie because the story content is fresh.  The mainstream of the story is the Hero and his beloved Horse named Badhsha.

The second reason is Hero Nandu’s performance as Slum guy Raju and his Badhsha (Horse).

Many reasons like Villain’s confusion drama, Bhagi’s Ex Lover’s emotions, Shekar Chandra’s music, Monish Bhupathi’s Cinematography are worth watching.

The audience, who is irritated with routine movies, will entertain and enjoy a feel of fresh content, new locations, and see some new faces in the film.

The Savaari movie is available in the OTT platform aha in full HD format.

Click here to watch Savaarimovie online now!