Why flowers are more important in a wedding?

The flowers are most important part of any wedding. If you are the one who want to make your wedding day even more special, you can add different types of flowers in the bouquet. Every type of flowers has it’s own meaning and symbolize something. If you have own choices in your wedding and are interested to plan your wedding in your way, then personalized flowers bouquets come to the top.You may choose different types of flowers that may feel attractive to your eyes. But choosing the flowers by knowing its significance would add more beauty to your day. You can make it special by adding many types of flowers which has significant meaning and make them look even more beautiful by its arrangement. The flowers language and expression of your feeling through it has been from centuries. Many people choose flowers to express their emotions when they fail to express their feeling through the gestures.Gifting the flowers with its significant meaning writing in a card make it even more special to the person you are gifting. You have to choose the best wedding florist singapore for the most customized flower bouquet.

Know about meaning of different types of flowers:

  • Each flower has a particular meaning and knowing that make it even more special. The red rose is the symbol for love, passion and is most favorite part in everyone’s wedding. The white rose symbolizes the purity of your feelings. The pink rose determines the admiration and joy towards the other person.
  • Amaryllis is a type of flower which have huge variations in the colors. It is known for its splendid beauty and are mostly available in the coral hue color. A flower known as Anemone symbolizes the anticipation. The flower looks more attractive due to its size and is not at all delicate as other flowers.
  • If you want to have a heart theme on your wedding day, then Anthurium flowers suits you. The flowers stands for its hospitality. It is a cupid inspired shape and can correctly fit your theme.
  • The Cana lily is considered as the wedding flower. The flower is of trumpet shape. The Cana lily symbolizes the meaning of regal in your wedding. You can have them along with other flowers make it look even more beautiful.
  • The cherry blossom flowers are very beautiful and are loved by many people. Every couple want to have some of these beautiful flowers to add beauty to their wedding. The cherry blossoms are very delicate pink buds. The flowers symbolizes the fragility of the life. These flowers are available only for some days in the spring season.


Hope you got an idea of the meaning of some flowers.