Online pharmacies: what they are and how they work

For some years now , online pharmacies have also been active in Italy , i.e. shops authorized to sell medicines at a distance. The activity of e-pharmacies is governed by very specific rules, both as regards the website and the products that can be sold through the latter pharmacy management system in California.

further protect the interests of users, digital pharmacies must be directly connected and traceable to a physical pharmacy, identified by an address and a VAT number. The website through which the pharmacy sells the products remotely must be marked with an identification logo  (a digital trademark) issued by the Ministry of Health; it is a green stamp with a white cross in the center, flanked by the dicastery logo, which must be visible on every page of the digital shop (as established by a Decree of the General Director of medical devices).

The pharmacies and parapharmacies that have obtained the necessary authorization to sell medicines online (from the Region or from the autonomous Province of relevance) are registered in a special section of the official website of the Ministry of Health that allows users to verify the presence of a specific web address in the list of authorized pharmacies. The ministerial portal shows the type of business, the company name, the name, the address of the physical point of sale, the post code, the Region, the Province and the Municipality where the latter is located, the VAT number and the address URL of the digital pharmacy. In addition, it is possible to download the authorization document issued for each business.

The advantages of buying online

Although it may seem risky even drugs appear on the internet, digital pharmacies offer several advantages to users who decide to take advantage of a constantly growing reality. One of the most significant advantages is confidentiality: distance purchasing allows you to avoid the embarrassment of buying certain types of products in person; in addition, it is often possible to save money compared to the rates applied by a ‘traditional’ pharmacy.