Keep Your Bones Strong With A Calcium Score Test In Wayne

Bones sustain our bodies and aid in the formation of our shapes. Bones are strong enough to sustain our full weight, despite their lightness. Bones also safeguard the organs of the body. The brain is protected by the skull, which also gives the face its shape. The backbone, or spinal column, protects the spinal cord, which serves as a conduit for communications between the brain and the rest of the body. The heart and lungs are protected by the ribs, while the bladder, portion of the intestines, and, in women, the reproductive organs are protected by the pelvis. Our bones are made up of calcium phosphate. Due to this reason, the calcium score test in Wayne has become extremely important.

What is calcium?

Calcium is an essential element for human survival. Calcium helps our blood clot, muscles contract, and heartbeats, in addition to creating and maintaining strong bones. Our bones and teeth store around 99 percent of the calcium in our bodies. Our skin, nails, hair, sweat, urine, and feces all lose calcium daily. Calcium is a mineral that our bodies cannot make on their own. As a result, getting adequate calcium from our diet is critical. Calcium is removed from our bones when we don’t receive enough calcium in our diet. This is acceptable once in a while, but bones weaken and become more easily broken if it occurs frequently enough.

How is calcium significant to our bones?

Bones are made up of a framework of collagen, a protein, and calcium phosphate, a mineral that makes the framework rigid and strong. When other body parts need calcium, it is released from the bones into circulation. Some vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin D and calcium, directly impact how much calcium is stored in the bones. Calcium and vitamin D are necessary for growing strong, thick bones and maintaining their strength and health as you become older. The information provided here will assist you in learning everything there is to know about calcium and vitamin D, two of the most critical minerals for bone health.


In a word, Wayne’s calcium score test can help you observe your calcium score and then plan your diet accordingly. This is of great importance since getting enough calcium is important for our bones.