How To Find The Best Ohio Electric And Natural Gas Rates

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When Ohio liberalized its natural gas and electric markets in the latter part of 1990 the state let customers search for their own energy providers. The Public Utility Commission of Ohio (PUCO) Energy Choice Website was not a great way of helping customers sort through the options and choose the most suitable provider for them.

Instead, it stacked the bad plans and suppliers with the most reputable ones in a smorgasbord and let the customers figure out what they wanted. This is a recipe for disaster and a waste of time and money.

Comparing rates between different providers is the best way to get the most competitive natural gas or electric rate. One resource for this is PUCO’s Apples to Apples tool, that lets you choose your current utility company and then compare prices with approved natural gas and electric providers.

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apples to apples ohio is operated by PUCO and utilizes “price to comparison” set by each utility to establish a base rate. The price changes based on market conditions, but is an excellent starting point when shopping for an Ohio electricity plan.

Apples to apples in Ohio gasoline

The PUCO manages the apples to apples price comparison tool for natural gas too, but this resource differs from its electricity counterpart in that it doesn’t display any electricity plans other than those listed by the suppliers. It does provide information on the companies and terms of contracts these providers offer.

Ohio community aggregation

Aggregations is a kind of plan that helps low income households to pay for electricity and gas service by extending their payment arrangements. The payments are based upon the household income and, when they adhere to their payment schedules, consumers are given credits to lower their balances over a 24- month period.

Ohio Customer Choice

Energy Choice Ohio is a program that allows Ohio residents to select their natural gas and electricity provider, similar to how consumers can select an internet provider for their Wi-Fi. Choosing an energy supplier is an excellent way to cut down on your monthly expenses and get better terms and benefits, and also support renewable energy.

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Energy Choice Ohio offers several other programs that allow customers to select their individual options. For example, the PIPP Plus program assists eligible Ohioans who live in low-income households maintain their natural gas and electricity services through an extended payment plan that is dependent on their income that is below 150% of federal poverty guidelines.

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If you’re unsure about your Energy Choice Ohio option, Duke Energy has helpful information that will aid you in understanding your options. The information will help you identify your current rate plan, research any possible fees and speak with your Energy Choice Ohio provider about your choice.

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Selecting a provider that you can trust is the most important factor in your decision to change providers. That means you should choose a provider that provides the best price for energy plans, terms and benefits to suit your requirements. An energy expert with experience can help.