How Can You Get Less Shipping Costs?


Shipping costs are increasing, and though this affects all countries, the US is hit harder. While some of these costs are reasonable, a lot of them seem unfair and stressful. Whether you’re shopping online or in an store, there must be a way so thatĀ jasa dan layanan pengiriman barang murah just becomes affordable. Everybody deserves to get the most for their money without feeling like shipment is burning a hole in their pocket. Here is how to get less shipping costs.

Order in bulk

The more you order, the less shipping costs per item, it’s that simple. There are no two ways around it, but you can get creative to get around the restrictions of this method. If you can have a friend order him/herself, it can help you achieve the same shipping costs. Sometimes, you can even get free shipping if your order is big enough. There are also ways to lower prices without getting bulk discount by offering to pre-pay for items for a certain period, such as a month or two.

Order items of the same kind at once

Shipping companies charge more for handling different kinds of goods, so ordering them all together cuts down on those costs. If you have just a few items that are similar, this trick can help more than others. This is also useful to save on shipping costs if you use a website that does not charge per item shipped.


Use international shipping carriers

Although most people do not know, there are options for international shipping that do not cost more and offer the same services as the US depends on your location and the size of your order. While you only have to pay customs fees once, the shipping company does not pay them for every item. The costs of international services may be costly for people who are buying items on a limited budget because their rates tend to be higher than those of the US.

Use a free shipping option

There are actually free shipping options to choose from on most websites, and some even provide faster services than more expensive options. This can help you save on shipping costs if your order is big enough, and there are also other options you can use to get free shipping such as earning rewards points with various websites.

Try to buy items used before they go out of stock

Sometimes, items that have been discontinued will be relisted online at much reduced prices. With this trick, you can find great deals on items that you might otherwise have trouble saving money on because of their price.