How can I check the turbine and direct fuel injection system when buying an old car

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Most cars produced today are equipped with a turbocharger and direct fuel injection system. This means that technical means of saving fuel and increasing productivity will soon be common in the used car market. Direct Injection (DI) – direct injection and turbo charging, increase power, power unit performance, optimize fuel consumption. If they work in tandem, the need to sacrifice one indicator for another disappears, there is a compromise between power and fuel consumption. When buying a used car equipped with one or both of these systems, several diagnostic operations should be performed. They are necessary to eliminate unpleasant surprises of a technical nature, the quiet operation of the car.

Verification of warranty documentation

If the turbocharged vehicle in question is under warranty, you must look at all records of gearbox oil changes and other service operations. There should be documentary evidence that maintenance procedures were skipped. In the future, if warranty service is needed, it will require documentary evidence that the vehicle is under warranty.

The seller must provide warranty documentation. If she is not at hand or she was lost, all service data can be obtained from the dealer or the service center. This information, the buyer must carefully study. For effective monitoring, it is necessary to note in the service schedule all its elements that are documented.

used cars in sevierville

If the car has been serviced by a dealer or its service centers, it will not be difficult to obtain confirmation of this. In the event that any procedures were skipped or performed at third-party service stations, it is necessary to clarify whether the car is under warranty service or not. Often the new owner of the car finds out that it is removed from the warranty, too late.

The importance of timely fuel system cleaning

It is important to ask the seller if the fuel system was cleaned as part of the service. Some models  of  used cars in sevierville require such an operation at least once a year. This is necessary for keeping the valves in working conditions, saving their technical resource. Direct fuel injection contributes to the rapid accumulation of harmful deposits in the valves. Timely cleaning of the fuel system, replacement of spark plugs and oil significantly reduce their wear. When operating a vehicle with Direct Injection Technology, do not delay the ignition service. It is important to refuel the “iron horse” with high-quality fuel in order to protect the valves from soot. It will also ensure efficient, even engine operation. The seller must provide information about the maintenance of the fuel system; you can also get it from the dealer.

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