Georgia Natural Gas Rates

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Georgia Natural Gas Rates

In the unregulated market of Georgia, there are several gas companies that offer competitive prices and a range of fixed-rate plans to choose from. You can save money on your gas bill by choosing the best fixed rate plan that is suitable for you and your family.

The price of gas varies based on the demand and supply for natural gas in the market. In certain months, the cost of gas is high and the supply is low, while in others the price is low and there is a significant quantity of production. Additionally, there are other factors that affect the price of gas in Georgia like the level of storage in the natural gas market.

Get Special Rates

Some gas providers offer customers special rates if they sign up for their programs. These companies collaborate with local municipalities, or electric member corporations (EMCs), to offer lower prices on natural gas to their customers.

gas south and the City of Roswell, for example, have partnered to offer business and residents lower prices on natural gas than they would pay with any other supplier. This program gives consumers a discount of 2 cents per therm off all Gas South standard rates as long as they stay customers.

Many other Georgia towns and cities have similar agreements with gas companies like the City of Woodstock and Gas South. These agreements offer business and residents discounts on natural gas prices as well as other benefits to save money.

These offers give customers the opportunity to try a natural gas supplier without any commitment or credit check. Some providers offer an online account service that allows you to look over your bill, past payments, change or renew your supply plan and view your usage.

A fixed rate plan is an alternative. It lets you set a price per therm, as well as a customer service charge, for a specified period of time. This is a good option for those who want to know the cost of their gas ahead of time and be protected from price hikes. However there are termination charges in the event that you decide to terminate the contract.

Gas South is a reliable gas provider in Georgia that offers great rates and excellent service. Its philanthropic efforts are also remarkable with 5percent of its profits going to support children in need every year. The company also donates to COVID-19 Relief and is striving to become a more sustainable energy provider by committing to invest $50 million into solar projects by 2023.