Company Secretary Singapore – Benefits Of Hiring A Company Secretary

A business or an organization will need proper planning for an effective organization and management of everyday activities. Company secretarial services are essential for accurate decision making and forecasting to enhance the company’s position and growth. Experts in secretarial services will assist organizations that do not have a permanent full-time company secretary. These organizations can hire a professional from the company secretary Singapore firm for information compilation and analysis.

Legal compliance

When an organization hires a company secretary, the hired professional will ensure that the company is complying with all the statutory duties. These professionals will take over all the directors and shareholders to keep them informed and educated of all the legal responsibilities. They will keep track and record all the documents related to statutory administration and keep them in the correct order and updated. However, if fraud or wrongdoings from the shareholder’s end, the company secretary shall not be held responsible. The clients are suggested not completely to rely on company secretary and check their accounting records.

No late submissions

All the businesses and organizations have to submit the annual return report to Companies Registry. Companies and organizations have to bear a fine if they are late with the submissions of the reports. With company secretary services, they will avoid heavy fines as all the audit, and financial reports shall be prepared timely. This is what makes accounting firm singapore services extremely cost-effective in the long run.


An accounting firm or a company secretarial firm will be reliable and trustworthy as they have the most experienced and trained staff on board. Unlike the novice business owners who are not very familiar with the company secretarial responsibilities and tasks, these firms will have years of experience in proving services to the business owners and organizations or different kinds. They will take all the necessary steps to ensure that your company is never at risk while the company secretarial process because client safety will be their top interest.

Accounting firms and company secretary companies will offer immediate assistance to the customers and clients as soon as they are hired. They can also offer a consultation before offering services for free. They will provide administrative services to the organizations as well if they require it. These tasks can include common business administration such as payroll or tax returns. They can be a dependable partner at the time of urgency by quickly processing the information and the administrative tasks. When organizations hire a company secretary service company, they can also save the hassle to look for administrative and management assistance.