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The handyman job from issue 2 is ideal for someone looking to make money with their handyman skills. You can work with commercial and residential customers, perform handyman near me in Draper, UT of any size or complexity, set your own hours, and have no limitations on what you can create. However, not everyone is cut out for this lifestyle. To be a successful handyman service you need to have three qualities.

Firstly you need to be reliable. Most handymen rely on word of mouth recommendations from past customers in order to get new business, so being reliable allows you to reduce start-up costs associated with marketing your business while allowing you to grow slowly, ensuring quality control at all times – something that’s impossible to do without a reliable handyman.

Secondly, you need to be dependable. No one wants to deal with a handyman who will show up whenever they feel like it or disappear for days at a time. There are day-to-day issues that can arise from this, such as being employed by a customer and arriving on the job early to find no handyman – resulting in lost wages and wasted materials. You also have more significant problems caused by being unreliable, such as compromising your work schedule because you have no backup handyman available during emergencies or losing repeat customers because they don’t want to deal with scheduling headaches each time they contact you.

The third quality is just as important as the other two: reliability is useless if you lack the physical ability to do the handyman job properly. As mentioned before, most handymen work with both commercial and residential customers, so it’s important that you’re capable of working on both types of projects. If you only have experience servicing one or the other, then finding new jobs will be difficult because most companies want their handymen to work for them exclusively.

These qualities – reliability, dependability, and physical capability – are invaluable in creating your own handyman business, but they aren’t enough to ensure success. You also need comprehensive handyman services to make money, something that is easier said than done.