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Watch Savaari Movie Online For These Reasons

Theatres are closed all over India during COVID 19 lockdown. So, there should have some entertainment to stay at home.  In these circumstances, people choosing an online movie watch on aha OTT platform.

Some of the movies give a wonderful feel with a variety of storylines and some extraordinary scenes. However, the result of fate is different than the actual movie contains. In the same way, Savaari movie recorded normal at the box office, but the movie contains some watchable good stuff.

Cast & Crew:

Starring:Nandu, Priyanka Sharma, Srikanthganta, Shiva Kumar, Madhi

Story, Screenplay, Dialogues & Direction:SahithMotkuri

Music: Shekar Chandra

Cinematography: MonishBhupathi

Editing:Santhosh Menon

Producers:Santhosh Motkuri, Nishank Reddy Kuditi


The main asset for the movie Savaari is DirectorSahithMotkuri, who got the SAIMA Award in the category of Short Film in the year 2018.  Savaari movie is the debut for him as a full-length movie Director.  Upcoming hero Nandu played the lead role with Priyanka Sharma as the female lead in the movie.


The main story plot is Raju (Nandu), a slum area guy, who lives with his horse named Badhsha renting in marriages. One day Bhagi (Priyanka Sharma) unexpectedly came into the life of Raju. Bhagi escaped from her marriage and sheltered with Raju and without telling about this secret to Raju.

Her Ex-Boyfriend found Bhagi’s shelter with Raju, and he felt ashamed about how his lover stayed with a low-class guy like Raju. Then he hired a villain to kill Raju immediately, but the villain mistakenly kidnapped the bride and horse Badhsha as he felt that the bride was Raju and his Horse. Finally, Raju gets his Badhsha from the villain. After some time, he observes the illness of Badsha (Horse), then diagnosed and finds his horse affected with a heart problem.  Raju aimed to recover his Badhsha from a heart problem, but it costs about six lakhs for its surgery. Then Raju plans to earn money to recover his Badhsha. These situations make Bhagi fall in love with Raju. After that, Bhagi also supported to save Badhsha and gave a plan to Raju to make surgery to Badhsha.  What’s the idea?  How does Raju earn six lakhs?  Where will Raju and Bhagi’s love story go?  How will the Bhagi’s Ex-Lover take revenge on Raju and Bhagi?  These are the rest of the movie.

Reasons to Watch Savaai movie:

The first and best reason is to watch the movie because the story content is fresh.  The mainstream of the story is the Hero and his beloved Horse named Badhsha.

The second reason is Hero Nandu’s performance as Slum guy Raju and his Badhsha (Horse).

Many reasons like Villain’s confusion drama, Bhagi’s Ex Lover’s emotions, Shekar Chandra’s music, Monish Bhupathi’s Cinematography are worth watching.

The audience, who is irritated with routine movies, will entertain and enjoy a feel of fresh content, new locations, and see some new faces in the film.

The Savaari movie is available in the OTT platform aha in full HD format.

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